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Kobe Bryant deserved to Die..... Claims Teacher

On January 26, 2020 Kobe Bryant, His 13 year old daughter Gianna Bryant, and others were killed in a helicopter crash. Bryant was a father of four girls and a practicing catholic. He played in the NBA for 20 seasons and retired in 2016. Hours after Kobe Bryant death a High school teacher from Washington posted on her face book, " Not gonna lie. Seems to me that Karma caught up with a rapist today" .

Kobe Bryant was accused of assault in 2003. A 19 year old hotel employee claimed that Bryant assaulted her during his stay. Bryant admitted to having sex with the girl but didn't feel it wasn't consensual. The charges against him were dropped because she decided not to testify at the trial. He later made the following statement, " Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did. After months of reviewing discovery, listening to her attorney, and even her testimony, I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encount