Man punches young girl

Was he wrong? Yes.... No..... Hell yes! Was she wrong? No....... Yes....... Hell yes!

The video of a North Carolina Man went viral because he punched a girl. The incident look like it took place in a park. From the video the park looked like it was full of young children. The kids also seemed to be very rowdy in the video. The young girl pushed the Man twice. The man then proceeded to punch the girl. When he struck the young lady she fell to the grown and was knock out.

Was he wrong?

In my opinion yes he is. Here is why.

He is a grown man so he should of handle the situation better.

He is several times her sizes.

That is not his child.

Was she wrong?

Yes she was. Here is why.

She should not have push that man.

She is a child he is an adult.

She could have gotten shot.

What do you think about the situation? Where were her parents? Leave your thoughts in the comments. This is something that needs to be addressed.

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