No Vaseline

Surviving R. Kelly

I just want to start this blog by saying that this is my opinion. It is not meant to influence anyone that maybe reading.

Vaseline is like a lot of things in life it makes things easier or better. Imagine it is winter time if it is not where you are right now. Your skin is dry. Your face and lips are dry and cracking. Your uncomfortable cause your skin is irritated. What are you going to do? Putting Vaseline on your skin is a quick fix not perfect but it will do the job. Now you might have to reapply it to completely sooth your skin. Or you may need to use it regularly because you have dry skin all year round. Applying Vaseline stops skin from cracking and in some cases bleeding in the winter time. At that point the irritation would be noticeable.

Things in life that are like Vaseline is to dry skin




  • SEX Male vs Female

  • TIES who your know

Money plays a roll in everything we do and everything that happens. Money is a from of Vaseline. If someone was looking at the possibility of jail time all they need is money and a good lawyer. That may make there sentence shorter or may even get the case dismissed. This is common with a lot of singer, actors, rappers, and anyone that has the money.

Status is also a very important Vaseline. Someone who is a famous singer may get different treatment than an average person if they where in similar situations doing the same things. Your sex is also a Vaseline. Female have certain things easier than males do and vice versa. When it comes to power Males natural have more of it in some ways. For example a female teacher might have to say things two and three times before her class listen. A male teacher can tell his class something and usually they listen the first time. Male where paid mo then women for along time which gave them more power. Women couldn't get certain jobs because it was thought to be a mans. Your ties is a from of Vaseline. Who you know goes a long was. Some people may know people who can make any situation go away or workout in their favor. A person having more then one of those major Vaselines can do what ever they want because there is no checks and balances for them that can not be corrupted.

In conclusion the whole #SurvivingRKelly story sounds weird on both sides.There is too much Vaseline. We will always wonder why people turned at blind eye or why certain thing where allowed.

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