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Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2018

First I want to start off this blog by saying happy holidays! Black Friday is a shopping holiday that follows Thanksgiving. Black Friday is known to save people money and is all about getting the best deals. But does shopping on Black Friday really save consumers money? In order to save money on Black Friday consumers have to get up way before the store opens. Sometimes the store does not close on Thanksgiving night. In some cases the store only has a low amount of the product that is on sale. Some store will say the deal is going on while supplies last. But what does that mean? If they only have 10 of the product in stock only the first 10 people in line will get the deal. Some stores do not say how much of the item they have in stock. This is a method retailers will use just to get customers in the building. Not everything is on sale on Black Friday. It usually popular or big ticket items that many consumers want. It is really important to do some research on what is going to be on sale. Looking at the ads before Friday the consumer can save more money and get the best possible deal. In order to have a successful shopping trip a lot of planning has to go into it.