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KEKE Do you Love me? #inmyfeelingschallenge #dotheshigggy

Rapper Drake released his album scorpion on June 29. The album consist of 25 tracks. The most popular one by far In my feelings. In the lyrics to In my feeling Drake says "Keke do you love me? are you riding?" Online personality/Comedian Shiggy heard those lyrics and it inspired his dance moves. Shiggy makes a heart with his hands and a driving motions with his arm. The dance video went viral and became the #inmyfeelingschallenge #dotheshiggy. In the challenge most of the people are seem getting out of a moving car and doing the signature heart move with there hands. This challenge became so popular that many celebrities took it to the next level. Ciara did the challenge in Cape town on her honeymoon. This was then follow by Will Smith doing the challenge. In Will Smith's video he is seen watching Ciara's video on his last day in Budapest. Will Smith tops that by doing his challenge on top of a bridge in Budapest. So who is KEKE? Well it is rumored that keke drake is referring to is Keshia Chante. Keshia Chante has been seen in photos with drake and was