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An Ode To "Funky Fresh Dressed To Impress Ready To Party" Volume 1

There comes a time in history where it repeats itself for the better. As, the music blaring from the speakers I can recall my parents music collection they had in the basement or living room. Sometimes, I think back on the era which I grew-up in. My fondest memory is the first time I received my first fly hair-style. The countless hours in the beauty shop while the beautician was getting my hair right, the ear hustling of conversations that took place, and the fashion tips it was a beautiful feeling.

Another, memory is when an artist released their music I would rush to the 'The Game Exchange' and rush back home to marvel at the art work and read the liner notes. One of the famous lines that left an imprint on me was Mc Lyte 'Self Destruction,' which she said "Funky Fresh Dressed To Impress Ready To Party." Well this series is dedicated to the nostalgia of the good ol’ days and welcoming the new essence of style, and album covers. In this Volume 1 series we are going to discuss the style in chronological order starting with the 70’s. The style in the 70’s within Hip-Hop pushed boundaries and defied what was acceptable and what was not. The clothes were more fitted to the body showing more physique that displayed coolness, and it was meant to be funky. Their statement was to show especially for men that wearing garments that is fitted did not emasculate them and the women's style was more unisex a bo